From idea
to profitable products.

Working with us is not just about getting access to efficient and flexible production. It also means you will get an active and creative partner monitoring your production process for possible improvements and cost savings. Helping you turn your idea into a profitable product.

  • Fast

    Are you about to develop a new product or component? Talk to us first. We will give you quick and professional advice, in every step from product idea to the finished product.

  • Powerful

    We are specialized in metal production and tube bending. However, we work in a number of other materials. Our state of the art production facilities offer you exactly the production capacity you need, when you need it.

  • Analysis &

    It is all connected. When we help you develop a product or a production solution we help you to optimize weight, measurements and design to achieve cost efficiency through the whole production and logistics chain.

How we work

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  • How we work


    Every development project that we initiate starts with an analysis of your need and your prerequisites. Sometimes you may already have a prototype, at other times you have a product idea that you want to discuss, define or test on a niche market. In many cases we help our clients to further improve the profitability of an existing product.

    All your contacts with us are handled by our Swedish project management team. Together with our in-house team of designers and development engineers we provide advice and support, regardless of where in the development process you are.

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  • How we work

    Subcontracting and production

    Our modern production facilities in Sweden and Vietnam gives you and your company access to a wide range of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. We offer complete production facilities that will strengthen your production capacity within industrial production and production development. At your own pace.

    Our 300+ employees handle a large number of production projects – both large and small – every month. We offer top of the line welding robots, robotized punching machines, press brakes, tube bending, welding, assembly and packing.

  • How we work

    Product development

    We have assisted a large number of clients in the development of new products. In some case the client already has a finished prototype to use when approaching us. In many other cases, our clients turn to our team of designers and development engineers to develop an idea, a sketch or a concept into a prototype and – later on – an attractive and cost efficient product or component.

    When developing a product with us, all aspects of the project are coordinated through our Swedish project management team. They will act as your sounding board and give you feedback to make sure your product is optimized for, among other things, production and transport costs as well as delivery times.

  • How we work

    Logistics and delivery

    We offer a wide range of flexible delivery and logistics solutions for your products and components. From our European warehouse facility in Sweden you can call off your goods from larger production volumes, on demand. We can send your products as flats-packs, semi-assembled or fully assembled. And we can send them to you – or directly to your customers. Essentially, we adapt to the needs of you and your clients.

    We can assemble your products in Sweden or in Vietnam, depending on your needs. Or, we could stock your components in Sweden. If you want, we can also coordinate your container transports with our other customers to lower your costs. Talk to us, we offer a set of truly flexible and competitive logistics- and delivery solutions.

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We are an experienced subcontractor with extensive experience of production optimization, product development and logistics solutions. Get in touch with us – we would love to hear about your coming projects!

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